Household Cleaning Product Safety Information

The Hazard Symbols and What They Mean

The Danger
Product Examples
This container can explode if it’s heated or punctured. Flying pieces of metal or plastic can cause serious injuries, especially to the eyes.
  • water repellant for shoes or boots in an aerosol container
  • spray paint in an aerosol container
This product will burn skin or eyes on contact, or throat and stomach if swallowed.
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • oven cleaner
This product, or its fumes, will catch fire easily if it’s near heat, flames or sparks.
  • contact adhesives
  • gasoline
Licking, eating, drinking, or sometimes smelling, this product will cause illness or death.
  • windshield washer fluid
  • furniture polish

So, what’s new?

There are now only two frames used around the symbols:

This frame looks like a traffic yield sign.
It means that the container is dangerous.
(eight sides)
This frame looks like a traffic stop sign.
It means that the contents inside the
container are dangerous.