Smart Workplace Hygiene

When To Wash Your Hands At The Workplace

  • Each time you use the restroom
  • Before and after staff meetings if food is served
  • After scanning newspapers or magazines in your break room
  • Before and after your lunch
  • After using your friend’s keyboard or tools
  • Before and after a meet and greet activity in your office
  • When using shared office equipment like faxes, phones, etc.

Workplace Hygiene Tips

  • Wash hands with soap and warm water regularly – to help stay healthy and keep dirt and germs off surfaces. Wash for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Wash hands after using some else’s equipment, such as a computer, pens or shared equipment, such as the office copier and fax machine.
  • Post signs in washrooms and kitchen areas to remind co-workers to wash their hands with soap and water.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum. Having lots of papers around makes cleaning harder and provides places for dust and allergens to collect.
  • Do your part to keep surfaces, such as bathroom counters, as dry and clean as possible to help control the growth of moisture-loving bacteria, like mold and mildew. Report leaks to building management or maintenance personnel.
  • Wipe shoes on entryway rugs or mats to protect floors and carpets, and to catch dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens that can enter the workplace on the bottom of workers’ shoes.
  • Keep work spaces crumb-free and wipe up spills to minimize the spread of food-borne bacteria.
  • Request building maintenance to change ventilation air filters often.
  • Disinfectant/antibacterial wipes are a road warrior’s best friend and can be used on the plane, in the car and in the hotel room.