Established in 1970, the Soap and Detergent Association of Canada (SDAC) represents the interests of member companies involved in the production and/or distribution of soap or detergent products marketed in Canada, for use in the home or for commercial, institutional or industrial use. Product categories represented by SDAC include laundry detergent and laundry aids, automatic and hand dishwashing detergents, fabric conditioners, specialty cleaners and disinfectants, and bar and liquid soaps for personal cleansing.

SDAC serves its members and the public by developing and sharing science-based information about industry products with consumers, government and health care professionals.

On behalf of our members, SDAC participates as a major stakeholder in federal, provincial and local regulatory activities to provide a balanced view of the industry’s role, performance and goals. SDAC has strong alliances with its international counterparts, the US American Cleaning Institute (ACI) and the European Association Internationale de la Savonnerie, de la Détergence et des Produits d’Entretien (AISE), that provide access for Canadians to the latest global developments in the cleaning product sector.

An important part of the SDAC activities is providing consumer education on the importance of cleaning products in maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Current efforts are directed to cleanliness in food handling, through the Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education and by working with medical and health professionals.

Member companies of SDAC conduct and support technical and research programs in such areas as:

  • developing data on the environmental fate and human safety of product ingredients
  • advocating and supporting environmental risk assessments in formulating cleaning products
  • new analytical methods and approaches to environmental risk assessment
  • funding basic research at academic institutions on safety and environmental issues relating to personal and household cleaning products.