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Air Care Products

By August 1, 2021August 12th, 2021FAQs

Q: Are air care products safe for consumers to use?

A: Yes, air care products are safe to use. Consumers can confidently use air care products to make their homes and workplaces more pleasant. Air care products meet and exceed all Canadian regulations for consumer products and the ingredients that they contain.

Q: What safety tests do manufacturers conduct in the case of air care products?

A: Our member companies conduct extensive safety assessments prior to introducing a new air care product. These assessments include ingredient reviews, exposure and risk measurement, consumer/in-home testing and post-market follow-up.

Q: What Canadian regulations govern air care products?

A: In Canada, there are many types of legislation and regulation governing these products. All ingredients used in air care products must be listed on Environment Canada’s Domestic Substances List (DSL) prior to being sold. Any new substances used in air care products are subject to assessment and approval by Health Canada and Environment Canada through the New Substance Notification Regulations (NSNs) under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act(CEPA). Air care products, like all consumer products, must also meet the requirements of the Consumer Chemicals & Containers Regulations (CCCR 2001) under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

For additional information on the Chemicals Management Plan, please see  the Chemicals Management Plan Progress Reports, which will be published twice a year.